Pakistan Union Norway

A Community You Can Rely On

Annual 14th August Celebration

The annual anniversary of the Independence Day of Pakistan in Oslo on 14th august. This is a proud distinction of the Union. This event is attended by political, literary, social, and cultural figures from both Norway and Pakistan.

Social Activites

Pakistan Union Norway (PUN) is a non-profit social and cultural organization which has been working for its local community since 1995, following PWWU of 1973.

Join Hands

Be a part of Pakistan´s largest overseas organisation and serve your community and your country

The promotion of Pakistani culture in Norway

PUN has also an important role in promotion of Pakistani culture in Norway. So

far, a substantial number of Pakistani political, intellectual, literary and cultural

Figures attended the annual event of the union on 14th August (Pakistan Independence Day) in Oslo. Such activities help in protecting Pakistani cultural

Values and caused strengthening relations between the two countries.

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