My Dear Countrymen

,I am pleased to welcome you to the website of Pakistan Union Norway(established In Norway as a sole non-Political, non-funded and non-Profit organisation.)
We have always stressed the fact that Pakistan Union must set clear goals in order to establish a close relation with the local community, as well as the international community the union communicates with.

Members of the Union are genuinely satisfied with the unions mission objectives, as well as it’s the work ethic. We have always attempted to put our faith in tangible goals regardless of whether it is related to bilateral relations, the selection of the honourable guests or the arrangement of various exciting cultural programs for our forthcoming events.We have always extended our utmost efforts to make our effort meet the standards the hard working people of the Pakistani community, as well as people at large. This In order to continue with a meaningful purpose and to retain the dignity and pride of our beloved lands Pakistan and Norway. In every man, nature and nurture combine to produce a being of certain abilities and ambitions – including a deeply ingrained need to function in such a way that his life will be meaningful. If there are any thoughts or questions related to the mission of the union, please make me aware. Pakistan Union Norway exists because of our members, and does not without you. Every thought that brings progress to the union – is a thought that brings progress to our society.

Thank you for your continued support,
Until I hear from you again, I remain,

Your friend
Qamar Iqbal
Chairman PUN

Noticeable Services of Union

Arrangement of Work and Accommodation

Norway was a new country for Pakistani expatriates; first setting foot in a new country in the 1970s.  This resulted in varying challenges related to work and accommodation. PUN played an important role in resolving these problems. Mastering the Norwegian language was also of challenge for the newly arrived Pakistani workers. It was a particularly crucial problem for people seeking employment. Many of whom of had little understanding of English. Teams from PUN provided legal assistance as well as interpretation services to these people on many occasions. Significant figures who performed the services of translation were Mr Naveed Khawar and Mr Mansha Khan and Mr Adil Mansor. The performance of the Union was remarkable in seeking accommodation and legal documents for Pakistani workers in Norway.

Introduction of Urdu in Norwegian schools

The growth and promotion of Urdu language in Norway, has been included in the significant achievements of the Union. Urdu language was introduced in schools in Norway in 1970s and 1980s. Besides the learning facilities of the language for Pakistani students, Urdu teachers coming from Pakistan also found reasonable jobs as Urdu teacher in the Norwegian schools. Master Bashir and Master Siddiqui were eminent names among the Urdu teachers of that time.

Accounting issue and Assistance in filling out tax returns

In the beginning, the newly arrived Pakistanis were experiencing difficulties regarding maintenance of their business and job accounts – particularly the calculation of income and expenses. The Union also helped them in resolving these issues and as well as it contributed to the complete forms for tax returns.

The promotion of Pakistani culture in Norway

PUN has also an important role in promotion of Pakistani culture in Norway. So

Far, a substantial number of Pakistani political, intellectual, literary and cultural

Figures attended the annual event of the union on 14th August (Pakistan

Independence Day) in Oslo. Such activities helped in protecting Pakistani cultural

Values and caused strengthening relations between the two countries.

Formation of Reconciliation Council

“Change comes slow” – a frequently used quote that can’t be used enough. It also, like every developing community, applied to the Norwegian Pakistani community. The social issues caused further problems related to families and bilateral conflicts and PUN formed 


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